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If you decide to log in to the kraken website via Opera or Chrome, it's not at all surprising that you failed to do so. The thing is that kramp Onion is not a completely legal site, and to be precise, a completely banned resource on the territory of post—Soviet countries. Therefore, all browsers that we are used to using will not open it. But there is a search engine in the world that is not afraid of any prohibitions — this is the fearless Tor browser. It was created to ensure uninterrupted access to various darknet sites, including kraken. With it, you can follow the link osli77ygq5myyquqzc2sva7wgnjc2m7yozz67k3kkgkrync4puw3cqyd.onion and find yourself on the trading floor.

Entrance to the kraken

Click on the correct link. Attention! Cases when users are offered other kraken onion addresses have become more frequent. Scammers work on these sites. Follow only the official link or links to the Kraken mirror: owsyeuxoyy4qtm4bkazrkxjtzhydedxgoxkd2yqddmxgcjevmhnbenyd.onion .
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